High quality and safety food
ingredients for professionals


Our story began in 1969 as a bakery in Naantali, Finland. The industry is dear to us and we are proud to serve small and local as well as large industrial bakeries throughout Finland.


Diverse flavours, genuine partnership and inspiring ideas for cooking professionals. Our Promix and Capsi products are designed for
professional kitchens and industry. Contact our sales more details.

Food industry

We are well known for our comprehensive range of high quality products and raw materials for the food industry. With us you will always be sure of the origin and the safety of the products.


Get inspired by our Artisan Ice Cream department and give this fun and profitable business idea a try.

Every day almost every Finn enjoys food that has one or more
ingredients imported or produced by Condite. We serve bakeries, professional
kitchens and food industry with a remarkable wide range of ingredients
and inspiring products. Since 2015 we have been a part of Orkla Food Ingredients. Our
operating area and supplier network covers all continents of the
world. As our customer, you can count on receiving quality and safe
products as well as committed personal service.