Areas of our responsibility

Sustainable growth is the new norm for companies and industry. Responsible, safe and environmentally friendly business is an integral part of the everyday life for us Condite people. We have divided responsibility into five areas.

  • A healthy lifestyle ikoni

    A healthy lifestyle

  • Every Finn has probably eaten a salty or sweet dish made with Condite ingredients. Since food is a central part of people’s well-being, we support it with clean and safe raw materials. We also continuously cooperate with our customers to achieve this goal. In order to make the right choices, we take care of clear product information and packaging labels, among other things. Our selection also includes plenty of options that take into account food allergies.

  • Product safety ikoni

    Product safety

  • We always strive to produce and deliver high-quality and safe products. We ensure the functionality of the production facilities, production methods and product safety systems of the suppliers of our raw materials and the products we broker. In the Orkla Group, the same strict product safety requirements are set in all operating countries. Condite’s own operations are BRC-certified both in terms of production operations and intermediate products.

  • Responsible procurement ikoni

    Responsible procurement

  • It is a matter of honor for us that all the raw materials that pass through us have been produced in a way that is safe for people, animals and the environment. We ensure this by working closely with the entire supply chain. Our goal is 100% sustainable raw materials – regardless of the product category.

  • Environmental commitment ikoni

    Environmental commitment

  • Global climate change is a responsibility for the society as a whole. We actively work to reduce our amount of waste and invest in recyclability when choosing our packaging materials. In addition, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and require it from all our partners as well.

  • Caring about people and society ikoni

    Caring about people and society

  • We care about people and society. Condite’s goal is to create a good workplace, provide safe working conditions and, together with our stakeholders, contribute to the positive appreciation of our industry.

Our operations are BRC certified

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